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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama taking a page straight out of Hitler's playbook!

I sure hope you boneheads who voted for Obama are beginning to see the errors of your ways. I, along with many other bloggers, tried to warn you guys that he was hard-core socialist.

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms

Hmmm..where did we see this before? Oh, yeah..that's right - Hitler did the exact same thing. This should scare you all. This is an absolute power grab at its most egregious with every intent to destroy capitalism in this country.

Texas Fred is reporting on it also: Treasury Chief: Need more powers

C.C. at Cracked World has this: Geithner and Democrats want to Seize Power of Financial Institutions

As socialist as FDR was - and with the power grab he made by unionizing 80% of this country's labor - not even he attempted to extend the powers of the executive office like this.

You idiots who voted for Obama are getting just what you asked for - the destruction of America. In just 65 days this idiot has managed to forever change the face of this country. May as well start learning Chinese people - their central bank is about to call in our debts as they drop the dollar. Once this happens, it guarantees that the U.N.'s and the G20's call for a global currency is sure to happen.

You can blame the Obamessiah for that. You can't pin anything on Bush any longer. Even though you morons liked to call him BusHitler - he didn't even come close to nationalizing this country compared to what Obama has done in just 65 short days.

Geithner and the Obama administration have completely screwed this economy - and somehow they think they can manage our entire financial system?



tashabud said...

Listening to him talk last night, he's going to spend money like no other and tells us that the economy will recover in 10 to 12 years. Why does he say that when his term is only for 4 yrs? Does this mean that he'll spend all this money to finance all of his pet projects and then have the next president to tackle his one and a half trillion-dollar deficite in four years?


bill_finger said...

You guys need to make up your minds. Is Obama Hitler or the anti-Christ?

And while I hate to live in the past and blame Bush Jr., I will say that domestic wiretapping, condoning torture, and invading countries based on false pretenses does seem a little more Hitler-like than expanding the powers of a single department of the government.

Pauly said...

I know exactly what you mean Tasha! Thanks for dropping in. Please DO come back again any time.

Bill! Nice to see you again! I hear you guys are losing Entrecard - that really sucks.

With regards to your comments - I never said he was the anti-Christ. I've always contended he was a socialist.

As for your Bush comments - that's a matter of perspective - First - there was no domestic wiretapping. Coming from Army Intelligence - I can tell you there was no active wiretapping. If you're talking about the phone calls - that is entirely based on a logarithm looking for key words and known or suspected phonecalls coming from or to specific areas where there is known or suspected terrorist activity. There is no person actively listening on anyone's phonecalls. If any of the perameters are met only then the computer automatically rolls the tape. Later on an analyst will listen to see if there is anything worthwhile. If so - it is transcribed for further analysis. If not - the recording is dumped.

Torture? Please - we in the military go through a helluva lot more than that when we go through our survival training courses for those of us in specialized MOS's. I'm sorry but being shackled to a table for long periods of time listening to loud music over and over or not being forced to stand for long periods of time or, yes, even waterboarding, is not torture. If I can survive it - surely those bastards who cut off the heads of our soldiers and innocent reporters or aide workers can deal with it.

Invading countries? Dude - I did not realize you were THAT FAR left. We never invade any country and there were no false pretenses. Every member of Congress had the exact same intel and authorized the attack. EVERY single country had their own independent intel and it matched ours. Give me a freakin break. Are you really trying to say that Bush manipulated the intel that Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and China collected on their own? That's an old lie that is played out.

Now - what Obama is doing - yes - that amounts to 100% fascism. If you can't see that yet - perhaps you need to remove the blinders.

Anonymous said...

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