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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is Obama REALLY that stupid?

Good lord, Man. Obama has got to be the stupidest individual on this planet.

A couple weeks ago he gives Gordon Brown a set of DVD's that he can't even use.

Yesterday he gave Queen E an I-pod with his speeches on it

and today he bows to the freakin' Saudi King?

This man has to be an absolute moron. He is making over $400k a year as the Pres. He has millions in the bank from his book deal - and any presents he gives to dignitaries - ESPECIALLY heads of states and royalty - he can expense - and he buys freakin' DVD's and I-pods?

Seriously Mr. Obama - when you visit other countries or are hosting dignitaries - you give them some valuable gifts with historic value and significance. You don't go down to the local Walmart and buy them the cheapest thing you can find.

Next - thanks for making this country look weak - once again. An American President should NEVER bow to a King or Queen of any sort. By bowing you have told them they are superior. You have given in to his will you idiot.

Way to go. Thanks for continuing to make America the laughing stock of the international community.