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Friday, March 27, 2009

I guess I'm a Domestic Terrorist!

Texas Fred is sending out a call for everyone to join The Domestic Terrorist Bloggers Network. This is in direct response to that idiotic list that Missouri put out that identifies who may be a domestic terrorist. Based on the list - just about every American in this country - other than those who are either on the far left or Democrats & Republican party members are domestic terrorists.

You can join and see the full story that has the details. Check it out to see if you are a domestic terrorist - if you are - go to The Domestic Terrorist Bloggers Network and grab your own button like the one over there on my sidebar.


TexasFred said...

Thank you very much!!

Pauly T. Kal said...

Thank YOU TexasFred

Angry Max said...

If there are any benefits to being on a terrorist list, I haven't heard them.

bill_finger said...

If you don't support our president in a time of war, you're with the terrorists! Ha. I've been waiting eight years to say that.

Smellerbee said...

I love how right wingers are always so sensitive about terrorists...when that terrorist isn't a white american citizen.

Pauly T. Kal said...

Angry Max - I don't know of any benefits either - but - considering they have essentially put every American on the domestic terrorist list who isn't either a Republican or Democrat - I think I'd rather be on that list.

Bill - Nice to see you droppin by again. Not sure what that has to do with my post - but - glad to give you the opportunity to get it out of your system! :)

Smellerbee - again - not sure what that is supposed to mean.