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Friday, February 27, 2009

Smooth Move Mr. President!

Obama: US combat in Iraq to end by August 31, 2010

Mr. President - you truly are a moron! Sure, I think it is great that you want to bring the troops home - assuming their mission is complete. Afterall, who doesn't want this thing to end? But - you have got to be the most stupid individual in the world. Now that the enemy knows EXACTLY what date you're bringing all the combat troops home - now all they have to do is wait.

But, what I noticed was your very clever and coy language there "combat troops." Obviously intended to mask the truth from your idiot liberal followers who are only going to hear that you're bringing the troops home. If they actually listened to your entire speech or read the entire media pieces - they will find out that you're still leaving anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 troops behind, until 2011 as long as there is no activity that would prevent it (read that as - indefinitely - no timetable for return). Nice one there! I can stand behind that. Unfortunately, unless you leave some serious equipment there and continue to provide military intelligence to those left behind - they're sitting ducks.

Still - you don't tell the enemy when you're leaving - that's strategic warfare 101! I'm sure glad your liberal loonies didn't care that you have absolutely no experience and voted you in. Psshhhtt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby Jindal Response to Obama

Initially, I was going to do my own response to the Obamessiah's speech last night - at least that was the thought last night before I actually watched it. My head damned near exploded with all the lies and crap he was spewing that if I was to attempt to go over one of them here again - It just might really explode.

Instead - it appears the AP already prepared the responses detailing all of his lies. BTW - in case no one knows it - America DID NOT invent the car. It was Karl Benz - a Germany - you know - the Mercedes-Benz. You can follow that link there and see for yourselves.

However, the best speech of the night came from Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. In case you did not see it - I have it here for you. Enjoy the real Conservative voice of reason.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh - Yay - The Obamessiah is going to address Congress tonight!

Whoop-de-freaking do! Of course - being the political junky that I am I will have to watch it so that I have more fodder to throw at the bum. When was the last time a President's address to the chambers of Congress has been televised on national television like this? The mainstream media just continuing their love affair with the Obamessiah.

I just can't wait to hear more of his apocalyptic speeches about how this economy is doomed unless we let him come to the rescue and institute his damned socialist policies. Seriously, Mr. Obama - why don't you actually DO something that would stimulate this economy - like - say - cut the corporate tax rates - cut the income tax rates - take people off welfare and force them to work for a living - stop giving hand outs to the poor.

It was Benjamin Franklin who stated "We should make just make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty." That is a far cry from the slavery of man you want to institute on this great country of ours. Is this supposed to be payback or something for the crap that happened here 200+ years ago? The white man enslaved the black man - so - now you're turning the tables and trying to enslave the entire population to the government.

I'll be listening tonight Mr. Obamessiah. And..you can bet that I will be reporting back exactly what I hear. I'm sure there will be nothing about real stimulation of this economy - only more crap about how your spending my hard earned tax dollar and giving it to the poor and those idiots who don't deserve a home.

I Moved - And - Today.Com Sucks!

Yes - it has been quite some time since I posted something up. I've been absolutely fuming about the shit that Today.com pulled with me. I lost all the freakin hard work I put in to that blog because they wanted uniformity across their today.com domain blogs.

Well - screw them! I'm not socialist and I don't bow down to any attempts to make me like everyone else!

Anyway - I'll go in to that rant at a later date. The purpose of this is just to let everyone know that I am alive and well. You may see things moving around and changing throughout the weeks as I try to get this thing set up the way I like it.

I will start posting substantive stuff again on a regular basis now that I've finally decided to make that move. For all of you that I had a relationship with - with links on my blogroll - I promise I will be trying to rebuild that. I remember some of you, but, I'm sorry - not all of you. If you'd like to be on my blogroll as I rebuild - please leave a comment.

Anyway - I'm here, I'm back, and screw Today.com - I'm not gone!!!!